The Order of St. Lazarus

The Bastion of St. Augustine, Florence, 1611

The Order of St. Lazarus has again suffered a heavy loss due to the negligence of Grand Chancellor Marquis de’Seville. Forced to flee from Marseilles they have taken refuge underground at their secret Sanctuary. The Council of 13 deposes the Marquis, and a new Grand Chancellor is elected, a cunning Ventrue named Valtani Galliano. Valtani then restructures the Council, creating equality and balance, and creates seperate wings within the order, all driven towards a pursuit of their own unique agendas.

The Lions Head: responsible for finding the most powerful beings they can and consuming their souls through the Dark Rites in order to grow in strength.

The Dragons Fire: responsible for finding ancient rites and rituals in order to learn and expand upon the Order’s vast cache of mystical skill.

The Eagles Claw: responsible for finding items and relics of great power, and bringing them into the Order for reclaimation and ownership.

The Eye in the Triangle (IAO): responsible for monitoring the Lazarine Knights themselves to root out corruption, conspiracy, insubordination, betrayal, and treason. They bring dissenters before the Magistrates for punishment.

Valtani has charged that for the next 12 years, the Order shall be dedicated to replenishing its numbers with worthy candidates. Each current member must initiate 3 new members in this time frame while making a pledge to one of the wings of the order.

Valtani galliano the ventrue


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